Identification of the parameters of the harmonic signal under external perturbations

The objects of study of this research unit identification algorithms are unknown parameters measured harmonic influences (signals).

The aim of the designated synthesis algorithms providing an assessment of the unknown parameters of harmonic signals (estimation of unknown frequency of the measured signal) having a simple structure and low dynamic order.

In the course of this research unit is considered a new identification scheme the frequency of the sinusoidal signal in terms of unaccounted disturbances present in the measurement channel of the desired signal. Dynamic identification algorithm proposed procedure is equal to two, which in turn do not exceed several known analogs. One of the distinguishing features of this approach to known analogs is the ability to parry unaccounted disturbances by adjusting the coefficients of the identification algorithm.

The results of this research unit may be applied to control problems that require estimation of unknown parameters of harmonic disturbances, including the problems of control with disturbance compensation.

In the future, the results can be developed to estimate the parameters multiharmonic signals, and also used in solving the problems of perturbation compensation.