Biotechnology research development and management system robotic systems

The objective of the research is to develop a simple and intuitive control system for biotech rehabilitation devices, enabling it to read a large number of instructions, with a short training time of the operator. Developed human-machine interface , which converts the mental and muscular effort in motion, will allow patients to use such means of rehabilitation as exoskeletons and other mechatronic systems restoration .

Conduction of  this work ensures apart  from achieving your direct goals,  the opportunity to develop fundamental theoretical results obtained to extend the scope of algorithms for various rehabilitation devices.

In addition, some of the possible additional areas of applications of  HMI generated could be presented by remote management of complex systems with a large number of instructions.

Within the scope of this domain , the following research results have been achieved :

Analytical review of information sources ;
Development of a  human-machine interface that allows to  manage not only a system of primitive , but also complex robotic systems with many degrees of freedom for different applications;
A mathematical model designed and synthesized regulators of intelligent robot control and mechatronic complexes ;
Conduction of  tests for different methods for classifying and processing of  signals being read;