Adaptive compensation of sinusoidal perturbations in mechatronic systems

The objective of the research is to conduct research aimed at the development of adaptive compensation of sinusoidal disturbances acting on mechatronic objects.

To achieve this goal the following objectives:

direct adaptive compensation algorithm compensates disturbance consisting of the sum of several (up to three) sinusoidal signals.
The developed algorithm is adaptive direct compensation limits the sensitivity of the closed system outside of a predetermined frequency range perturbations.
Hybrid method of payment disturbances at the parametric uncertainty of the object allows to measure the tolerance of the nominal object model.

As a study object selected mechatronic object exposed to a sinusoidal perturbation.

Theoretical basis of the research are the methods of linear systems, the method of Lyapunov functions, the device sensitivity functions, methods, robust and adaptive control methods of least squares.