General Information

Head of research and development together with the research group of performers have developed new methods of adaptive and robust output control (i.e., without measuring the state variables and derivatives of the output signal ) operating under conditions of uncertainty and delay . These methods have been successfully proved in the scope of project with automotion company General Motors , for mechatronic and robotic systems for different purposes,have been  represented at I, II and III National Student Festivals in mechatronics and robotics , as well as in  several of bachelor, master and Ph.D. theses . The results of research project leader and a group of performers have been presented in three doctoral and master's theses and totally  in  twelve  proveded 8 more PhD theses defended in the period 2006 - 2012) are invluded in the total number, the book I.V, Miroshnik V,O, Nikiforov and A,L, Fradkov "Nonlinear and adaptive control of complex dynamic systems " (St. Petersburg : Nauka, 2000 - 549 p. ) , the written by V.O. Nikiforov , " Adaptive and robust control with disturbance compensation " (St. Petersburg : Nauka, 2003 - 282 p. ) , the book written by  A.A. Bobtsov " Adaptive and robust control of uncertain systems to overcome " (St. Petersburg : Nauka, 2011 - 174 p. ) tutorial wrritten by V.O. Nikiforov and A.V. Ushakov "Management under uncertainty: sensitivity , adaptation and robustness " (St. Petersburg : SPb ITMO , 2002), more than 1,000 papers published in journals cited by VAK , SCOPUS and WEB of Science. The results obtained were proved at national and international conferences , including the 13th ( San Francisco , USA, 1996 ) , 14th (Beijing , 1999) , 15th (Barcelona, Spain , 2002 ) , 16th (Prague , Czech Republic, 2005) , 17th ( Seoul, South Korea , 2008) and 18th ( Milan, Italy, 2011 ) World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control. The proposed research will develop the activity of the scientific school ITMO "Nonlinear and adaptive management under of uncertainty ," headed by professors A.A. Bobtsov and V.O. Nikiforov . This activity is aimed at  attracting young scientists under the age of 35 years , as well as undergraduate and graduate students who attended courses on the subject of nonlinear and adaptive control and and published results  of research.   Students Design Bureau of mechatronics and robotics is succesfully operating under the guidance of Department of  System Control and Informatics , that  is involved  in basic and applied research in robotics for more than 30 undergraduate and graduate students trained at  the departments  of Control Systems and informatics, Secure Information Technologies, Infomatics and Applied  Mathematics and the Department at ITMO University. . Staff of the creative team and "NonlinearAdaptive Control Systems" laboratory  will be strengthened by leading scientists working abroad (see paragraph 3 ) and leading experts in the field of automatic control , representing Russian organizations ( A.L. Fradkov IPMash of RAS in  St. Petersburg; Boris Polyak (ICS of RAS , Moscow); Y.V. Kolokolov ( RIHMI-WDC , city of Obninsk) . Particular attention will be given to rejunevesence of the laboratory . In particular, the laboratory is expected to recruite  the youngest Doctor of Technical Sciences at  ITMO I.B. Furtat (Associate Professor at Department of Control System and Informatics) , leading researcher at IPMash RAS) , as well as undergraduate and graduate students , members of the design bureau human resources which would represent  the most creative team of researchers.

Material  and technical base of the lab includes  modern equipment purchased during the period 2010 - 2012 years in scope of ITMO development planning, as well as due to the win of  the contest for the creation of student design bureau. Basis of laboratory facilities comprise mechatronic and robotic systems , including:

manipulator with copier Feedback Mentor,
three-dimensional vision system XBOX Kinect,
mechatronic systems ( pendulum Mechatronic Control Kit, twin-screw stand, simulating the dynamics of the helicopter , Feedback Twin Rotor MIMO System),
autonomous mobile robots ( robots omnidirektsionnye Festo Robotino, quadrocopter Mikrokopter Quadro XL, tracked two-handed manipulation robot Lynxmotion Johny5, multiagent system robots Parallax),
Festo robotic cell with a vision system based on the manipulator Mitsubishi RV-3SDB,
six axises manipulator Kawasaki KF121E, staffed controller, remote training and Tong company Schunk.

Creative team lab has developed international links, which in turn, has allowed an international team led by Professors A.A Bobtsov and M. Spong ( University of Texas, Dallas ) to receive a grant for the development of relations (planning grant) from the Autonomous Noncommercial  Educational Organization of Higher Education " Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology" and has become the only team at ITMO , who was invited to write a full size applications for the grants awarded be  "Skolkovo" foundation to create robototics based Research Center in Healthcare (Research Center for Robotic Technologies for Healthcare). Among the  achievements in the area of  international cooperation projects the following ones are also worthy to be mentioned :

Development of integrated systems for surveillance of non-stationary systems with variable parameters applied to mechatronic and robotic systems (with Inria, Lille, France);
Development of control systems cooperative movement complex mobile robots (with Inria, Lille, France);
Development of methods for planning and motion control robotic arm , taking account of the interaction of the robot with object manipulation , the environment, robots or other person (together with NTNU, Norway);
Development of methods for setting and control systems , as well as automation of iterative functional hydraulic cranes on mobile platforms ( GKPP ) for the logging industry (together with the University of Umea , Sweden);
Geometric methods of planning and control of movements of mechanical systems with applications in industrial robotics and rehabilitation (in collaboration with the University of Umea, Sweden ) .