14 September 2016

"Smart Home": Apps, Advices, Solutions

Recently, there have been more and more gadgets and technologies for creating a "smart home" that can solve tasks on its own and add new functions to common things. Still, there is yet to be a model clever house, and it's not an easy task to decide how to start turning your "stupid" flat into “intellectual” living space. We've tried to answer this question and gathered some info that might help you to get a better grasp of all these new technologies.

13 September 2016

ITMO's Graduate Ilya Czech on How to Develop the Prosthesis Market in Russia

As of now, the prosthesis market in Russiamostly consists of expensive imported devices or outlived Soviet models. Ilya Czech, a graduate of ITMO University founded the Motorika company that is the only national platform for upper limb prosthesis development. The company's team has developed and implemented a modern hand prosthesis and now work on a forearm prostheses; the plans for the future include a ulnar module and a shoulder prosthesis. For its accomplishments in science and technology, "Motorika" got into the short-list of the "Made in Russia" award by the media project "Snob". In an interview for our portal, Ilya talked about the difficulties related to opening such a company in Russia, developing sought-after prostheses and the most promising technologies in this field.

07 September 2016

ITMO University Moving Up in the Rankings

RAEX published its annual “University Reputations by Combined Subjects Rankings”. The agency put together a list of the top universities in seven combined subjects, such as “Engineering, Natural Sciences and Exact Sciences” or “Economics and Management”. ITMO University moved up to 4th place in the “Information Technology” ranking, and to 14th place in the “Technical Sciences, Engineering and Technology” ranking (up three places from last year).

30 August 2016

From Steam Engines to Tablets: Armando Walter Colombo Talks about Cyber-Physical Systems in Modern Industry

Dr. Armando Walter Colombo, professor of University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer whose field is Cyber-Physical Systems came to ITMO University to give an intensive course in development of these systems for industrial purposes.

29 August 2016

Research Performance: ITMO in Russia's Top-Ten

Round University Ranking (RUR) Agency published the 2016 rankings for scientific research. Twenty-three Russian universities, ITMO included, have made it to the list. ITMO University was ranked 9th among Russia’s leading universities, being 644th with 21.69 points in the overall rating, which is 57 positions higher than last year (701th position with 15.54 points).

15 August 2016

ITMO University Participates in the Erasmus+ Program

ITMO University, along with 5 other European universities, won a grant for creating an open online course in the Internet of Things (IoT) as a part of the Erasmus+ program. The demand for specialists in this field has been growing rapidly, no university has yet included such a course into their Bachelor's or Master's programs. So, scientists from five universities are going to create the curriculum for an online course which will implement their best educational practices, modern technologies and relevant information

08 August 2016

Drones at Work: Delivering Pizza, Searching for the Lost... and Dismembering Snowmen

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAC), or simply drones, are becoming more and more popular. They can be used for delivering pizza, monitoring construction sites and even searching for people lost in a forest. Still, some essential questions remain: what if a program failure will make the drone injure someone? Or what if it gets into a plane's turbine? Read about the technical difficulties of drone constructing and the problems of their introduction to the market in our article.

04 August 2016

Self-Driving Cars: Safe and Modern Solution or a Step towards "Rise of the Machines?"

As large manufacturing companies declare, autonomous self-driving cars will appear in the nearest future. However it is not clear how these technologies will affect society and what benefits and problems we will obtain using them. Sergey Koliubin, deputy director for science and technological foresight at School of Computer Technologies and Controls, wrote an article about the future of self-driving cars. The paper was published in Control Engineering Magazine. The expert also commented on how to develop robotic systems and at the same time prevent potential aftereffects.

29 July 2016

Webometrics: ITMO Is Making its Way to the Top

The latest Webometrics Rankings of World Universities results of the top-1000 universities in the world are out. ITMO University has made significant progress since earlier this year, moving up 91 places overall, and also now placed 6th amongst Russian universities. At the same time, the methodology for the rankings has changed slightly affecting some universities negatively.

28 July 2016

Webometrics: ITMO Makes it to Top-3 Russian Universities

The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities, an international ranking system, has published the results for two of its sub rankings– Ranking Web of Repositories and Top Universities by Google Scholar Citations. In both of them, ITMO University is now amongst Russia’s top three.

22 July 2016

Robotic Skeletons: How to Develop Hi-Tech Startups

Smart devices for rehabilitation make great strides at the heath care market. ExoAtlet appeared as an idea but very soon became an effective and commercially successful device. Russian experts made a robotic skeleton for patients suffering from movement disorders. ITMO University engineers also contribute to this field. Nikita Lipovich, student at Chair of Light-Guided Photonics, talked about his project.

15 July 2016

Safe Smart Houses: Soon You Will Live in One Too

Smart homes have long been considered a futuristic abode or a luxury for the rich. With the rise of smartphones, and the innovative genius of ITMO University’s researchers, Sergey Zimnenko, Denis Nevmerzhitskiy and Alexey Silayev, from the Chair of Secure Information Technologies, smart homes will soon be as common as the iPhone, in the IoT sphere. The product will be simple, functional, safe and practical, and easy for everyone to use.

08 July 2016

Building a Bridge to Asia

In 2014 and 2015 ITMO University was the presiding organization in the Association of Technical Universities for Russia and China. In June 2016 more than 10 delegations from the Pacific Rim visited ITMO University. Representatives of universities of China and nearby countries are interested in cooperation with Russia in the educational field. ITMO U is actively involved in such type of programs as they are important for the University’s efforts towards internationalization, and an element of its’ involvement in Project 5-100, helping to move it up in the rankings. All the activities mentioned above are necessary steps on the path to a fruitful and successful collaboration.

04 July 2016

ITMO Students are Winners at the VK Cup-2016 Championship

Yet another programming championship won by ITMO University students took place this weekend. ITMO students took first place at the VK Cup-2016 held at VKontakte’s main office. The renowned championship included over 20 two-man teams from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Latvia and other nearby countries. The prize money is valued to up to 2.5 million rubles.

30 June 2016

Modern Universities: How to Struggle for Leadership but Don't Lose Individuality

Currently top Russian universities look for answers for several crucial questions related to their development and success such as academic competitiveness and improvement planning. On 30 June - 1 July, 2016 ITMO University welcomed Russian and international higher education experts at Conference on Excellence Initiatives. The event was organized by Project 5-100.